In advance of the modules

Initial meeting

In order to start one of the modules you need to first hold the initial meeting together as a team. Thereafter you can choose to complete one or more of the three modules.

The Situation Map

The situation map is a tool you will work with in all parts of the training programme. You start building this map at the initial meeting so that the foundation is in place when you start one of the modules.

If you want to use a print shop, the print dimensions should be at least 891x630mm.

Module 1

The partnership

Module 1 contains an introduction to what we refer to as partnership within person-centred care. You get to learn what shared expertise and agreement means, reflect on the way you are currently working, share what you have learned in the group and develop exercises for your day-to-day work. After three meetings, you will be have tangible changes adapted to your workplace. 

Module 2

The patient narrative

Module 2 provides an introduction to what we mean when we refer to the patient narrative within person-centred care and you are able to discuss how you are currently working. You will also find out how you can utilise the patient’s knowledge, perception of their condition and their symptoms, as well as how you can understand the patient’s situation and capabilities, their context and resources. After three meetings, you will have tangible changes adapted to your workplace. 

Module 3


Module 3 provides an introduction to how we view documentation within person-centred care. You will learn what we mean when we refer to common documentation and health plans, as well as sharing what you have learned within the group. After three meetings, you will have tangible changes adapted to your workplace. 


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